Workshop Retro Chair upholstery

Workshop Retro Chair upholstery

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New dates coming in 2018.

Do you have a set of retro dining chairs that need updating with some fabulous new fabric? Bring one of your chairs to our workshop and we will give you the skills to complete the rest of your set at home.

In this upholstery workshop you will be removing the old fabric or vinyl, examining if the foam needs replacing then reupholstering with new fabric that you have brought along. We also have a great range of upholstery fabrics in store which you can purchase on the day, or you can pre-purchase from our range of remnants.

To ensure the chair you have chosen to bring is the correct style for this workshop, we require you to email us a photo when booking.

For further information, please see our FAQ which we will assume you have read and accepted upon purchase of the workshop.